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Lexie's Joint is totally stoked to be the seacoast's premiere burger destination! Have a seat in our casual dining area and enjoy the game on our huge flat screen TV while you browse over our refreshingly unique and dependably delicious menu. We use the freshest ingredients and the utmost care to make sure your Lexie's Joint experience is out of this world. Burgers aren't just our specialty; they're our passion. We offer three different kinds of house made burger patties, allowing us to satiate any appetite:. Our standard patty is a special blend of premium beef crafted with love, grilled to perfection and topped with the freshest ingredients. The "Cluck Burger" is our signature chicken patty. Super juicy, masterfully seasoned and 100% delicious. The "Beanie Burger" is a house made vegetarian black bean patty that's so tasty the most hardcore of carnivores regularly ask for seconds. Seriously. Lexie's Joint features inspired daily specials, refreshing mocktails, frosty shakes and ice cream floats. We also carry a great selection of local craft beers as well as wine to pair with your meal. We make it a priority to recycle and compost wherever possible, and gladly adhere to a zero waste philosophy we feel is an important part of being members of a healthy, happy community.


  • This place is awesome! Get off I-95, and eat here! The burgers are fresh, quickly prepared, kindly served, and uniquely adorned with accompaniments and spice combinations I never would have dreamed of. We loved this place so much, that over the course of a weekend of driving to/from the White Mountains, we ate here both on the drive up and back. My first foray was with with the Bleu Angel, a relatively standard combination of bleu cheese and bacon, but expertly prepared. I really liked that the burger was not over-sized and that I left feeling full, but not overly so. I also ordered spicy fries with the chipotle aioli and bits of jalapeno pepper sprinkled on top. These were amazingly spicy and fried to perfection. The next time we stopped (a whole two days later), I got the curry burger. I can't remember what it was called - Shiva Surprise? Vishnu Vindication? Gupta's Gastronomic Gallipoli? Anyway, a curry hamburger? Simply brilliant. Scott V.

  • Holy moly! The corn flakes and toasted almond slivers in the batter added a fabulous crunch and great taste. The fish was cooked to perfection. The french fries, shoe-string cut with some peel still on, were great, again cooked just right, nice and crisp, full of flavor. The Asian take on the cole slaw exceeded expectations, a refreshing interpretation rich with ginger and sesame flavors. It was light - a delightful change from traditional mayo-based slaw. The tartar sauce - with a hint of ketchup - was another marvelous deviation from the expected.  Five stars!

  • Honestly, after eight years in NYC, I'd put these burgers up against Shake Shack and Burger Joint any day. PLUS, it's in Portsmouth, so it's just way cooler... Mark Dagostino

  • My friend and I were on the road trip and came here to have a quick lunch.  We had the "LOVE" burger and chose four toppings. Also, we ordered the herbed parm fries for only $1.25! So cheap! Oh boy - I hate to say this, but the burger is better than New York's. The burger was perfect and delicious. Not too greasy. The fries were my favorite. The fries were crispy covered with olive oil and herb. On the top, it was dusted with Parmesan cheese. I couldn't take my hands off from the fries! Stop by when you are on the road trip in the East Coast.

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